Great Original Tunes


​     What a treat, absolutely enchanting!  Combine the Caribbean rhythms with two sweet and beautiful voices, great original tunes, great harmonies and Michel's rock solid guitar work and it transports you to a sunny beach with a gentle breeze drifting off the azure ocean. "Dos cervezas, por favor". Had to check to see it I had a tan afterwards. Don't pass up a chance to see these two.  Scott L.

Instant and Intimate Connection


     A house concert is the perfect venue to hear the talented Sweet SantaFe duo. Michel and Christine made an instant and intimate connection with us. Their rapport with each other and their funny, touching, romantic, engaging stories and songs made us feel like we were part of their journey. With Michel’s solid guitar chops, Christine on percussion and their beautiful, blended voices, the sound was rich and warm. Both are songwriters and have incorporated Canadian and Cuban stories and rhythms into their music. If there had been room, I would have been dancing! Lots of fun was had as they encouraged us to sing some Spanish words on “Pa Colarte Café”.  Michel and Christine gave us an unforgettable evening of music. Much to my husband’s delight I went home singing Michel’s “Kiss Me”.
Carol D.  

Personable and Down to Earth


    I had the pleasure of hearing Christine and Michel perform today at the Island Soul Choir concert at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo. It was a wonderful experience. They sang their own compositions and I enjoyed each and every one.  So much so I had to buy their CD. Thank you Sweet SantaFe for making my day and sharing your talent with us and spreading so much joy. Thank you also for being so personable and down to earth when I spoke with you during intermission.  Mick @ Works of HeART Project

Romantic and Up Beat


     "Sweet SantaFe"   it was sweet and Romantic in an up beat kind of way - A most enjoyable evening for all - Great to know these 2 talented lovely people are on our Island and close at hand.  Ron K.

Thoughtful Lyrics


     Sweet songs, wonderful rhythms, thoughtful lyrics - our friends Sweet SantaFe. Catch them if you have a chance. Trish C

Masterfully Tailored Performances

Edmonton Alberta, House Concert

Christine and Michel create a warm and engaging atmosphere, drawing in the audience with their stories and lyrics. I have seen them perform at two house concerts, a fair, and a music camp. Each time they masterfully tailored the performance to the audience and location. Tamara D.