House Concerts

Words from a host:

Hosting a house concert for Michel and Christine was an absolute pleasure. Arriving late in the afternoon of the event, Sweet Santa Fe took no time to set up and do a sound check. They were efficient and professional in determining how to get the best sound from the room where I had already placed seating for 36. It wasn’t difficult to find people interested in coming to hear the original song stylings of this Cuban-Canadian duo. 

Michel and Christine enchanted the audience for over two hours with a program both rich and eclectic, also allowing us to sing along, to add our rhythms with the shaker eggs that were passed around to each person, to even do a little dancing. Such fun!! I had put out a buffet of sweet and savory finger foods along with fruit punch, coffee, tea, and water, and people brought their own alcoholic beverages. So intermission ran a bit long as everyone was enjoying visiting together and with Michel and Christine and eating an drinking.

Since I had a guest bedroom available for them, the duo spent the night at my home. Over breakfast the next morning we relived the highlights of the brilliant performance that delighted my houseful of enthusiastic music-lovers. On a practical note: I am not comfortable with the custom of passing the hat as a way to remunerate the musicians. Instead, I set a “ticket” price of $20, which was indicated on the email invitation that went out. Some paid in advance, others paid when they arrived at the door. This money was remitted to the duo at the end of the evening. 

It takes some time and attention to prepare for a house concert but the rewards are tremendous. I highly recommend experiencing the intimacy of a house concert in your own home.

Dawn K.    Edmonton, AB

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